The sixth KWF All-Ukrainian camp was held last month

The sixth annual KWF All-Ukrainian Summer Camp took place from July 12-18 under the guidance of KWF Country representative in Ukraine, Sensei Dmitry Nikolaev (4 Dan).

Karatekas from different regions such as Mykolaiv, Kherson, Cherkasy and Chernihiv took part in the event which main goal was establishing teamwork, restart and preparing for the new season.

An intense training program was in work for the participants. The karatekas were divided into groups according to their levels of training and skills.

There was a championship in the “Kata” section that was conducted under the rules of the struggle “Sumo”. Diplomas, cups, and medals were handed to the winners and the runner-ups.  The Summer camp ended with was kyu and dan tests.

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