WBSS responds to Prograis and DiBella

As it was announced earlier today, the American boxer Regis Prograis and his promoter Lou DiBella are suing World Boxing Super Series because of a delayed payment of Prograis’s purse.

The fighter has withdrawn from his highly anticipated final against Josh Taylor, but now the WBSS are saying there’s gonna be a final and the WBA super-lightweight champion will be participating in it.

The exact venue and date for the fight were expected to be announced any day now, but the lawsuit from the boxer and his team will probably set-back the things. Prograis has filed a complaint against WBSS and tournament overseer Comosa AG for failure to honor past contractual obligations as it pertains to this fight, seeking to be released from the series altogether.

Here’s what WBSS had to say on the subject:

“The litigation initiated by Regis Prograis and DiBella Entertainment Inc. (DBE) in the New Jersey District Court is completely unfounded and without any basis in fact or in law. WBSS strenuously denies that it has violated any contractual obligation towards Regis Prograis or DiBella Entertainment Inc. The WBSS has enforced its tournament contracts in the past and will do so again with all resources available if needed. We look forward to the upcoming final of the Super Lightweights for the Al Trophy between Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor, which promises to be a spectacular boxing night. WBSS will defend the tournament against any attempts of third parties to interfere with the tournament with all means and in all jurisdictions available as necessary.”

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