Throwback: Sam Greco wining the 1994 Full Contact Karatê World Cup

One of the greatest karatekas and kickboxing fighters of all time – Salvatore “Sam” Greco took us on a trip down memory lane. To be exact – the 1994 Full Contact Karatê World Cup.

The five-time Australian Kyokushin Karate Heavyweight Champion needs no introduction to combat sports old school fans who grew up watching fighters like him, Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost, Semmy Schilt, Branko Cikatic, the late great Andy Hug and many more.

Greco establishes himself as one of the most prolific Australian karatekas by the age of 18. In 1992 he joins Seidokaikan karate to become a professional karate fighter.

Two years after that Sam becomes a household name, claiming the 1994 Full Contact Karatê World Cup trophy. He defeats none other than the man himself – Michael Thompson in the final, winning in the first round with a left low kick followed by a straight right body shot to become the Karate World Cup Champion.


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Winning the Full Contact Karatê World Cup 1994 in Japan 🇯🇵 I must admit just looking at these photos gives me goose bumps but most importantly some awesome memories. Love my martial arts journey. It started back 39 years ago and honestly I have never looked back. I’m grateful every single day of what I achieved but more importantly what I’ve learnt. My martial arts journey lives with me everyday. Allows me to do and be who I want to be without the fear of peoples judgement. • “Martial arts for life I say!” • • #samgreco #iamafighter #Karatê #traditional #discipline #honour #respect #allday #everyday #martialarts #is #life #lessons #learnt #kyokushin #seido #japan #australia #worldwide #osu #staystrong #mind #body

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