Tony Ferguson’s wife releases statement regarding temporary restraining order

On Thursday, news broke that former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson was the subject of a restraining order. The order was filed by his wife, citing allegations of domestic violence.

The restraining order was filed in California’s Orange County Superior Court. That court’s domestic violence prevention services project has scheduled an investigation for March 22nd. The court has also scheduled a domestic violence hearing for April 5th.

In his report Marrocco included five police incident reports that detail various domestic disturbances at the Fergusons’ home since January 2018.

A report dated February 16th claimed that Ferguson’s wife had called the police after Ferguson ‘kept throwing holy water at her.’

A report dated February 19th alleged that, after not sleeping for three days, Ferguson ‘was tearing apart the home’ and ‘believed someone placed a [computer] chip in his leg.’ That report also alleged that Ferguson made several threats and that he said he believed ‘someone was inside his walls.’

The restraining order was filed a week after Ferguson allegedly took his two-year-old son from his wife’s parents’ home (where his wife and child were staying at the time) and brought him back to his house. Ferguson allegedly changed the locks of the home after this. Six police units were then dispatched to Ferguson’s home, but they left after it was determined that no crime had been committed.

On Friday, Ferguson’s wife, through her lawyer Jeffrey L. Heath, released a statement to ESPN explaining why she filed for a restraining order. That statement is presented below:

“Tony Ferguson is a good husband and good father to our son. The current legal proceedings are a part of a process to ensure that Tony will receive the help necessary to continue being the best possible, as well as to pursue his passion and career as a UFC champion fighter. All positive well wishes are sincerely appreciated and I hope our privacy will be respected.”


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