Top 5 GLORY heavyweight head kick KO’s (VIDEO)

The proper execution of the head kick can win you the toughest fight – ask anybody who has ever been inside a ring.

There are not that many people who can land the head kick. It requires a lot of training, a lot of speed and balance, and last, but not least, you must have a plan B.

Counter-attacking the head kick is essential for improving your game and that is why you should never attack if you’re not thinking one move ahead.

Here are five examples of perfect head kicks that led to a knock out in the world’s premier kickboxing league GLORY.

  1. Badr Hari vs Stefan Leko 2
  2. Benjamin Adegbuyi vs Jahfarr Wilnis 3
  3. Remy Bonjasky vs Vernon White
  4. Guto Inocente vs Demoreo Dennis
  5. Mladen Brestovac vs Hesdy Gerges

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