Uriah Hall TKOs Silva at UFC Vegas 12 (VIDEO)

Uriah Hall extended his current winning streak to three in a row following his last night victory over Anderson Silva in what could be “The Spider” final UFC clash.

Hall, 36, defeated the legend in the UFC Vegas 12 main event via TKO in the 4th round, establishing himself as one of the top contenders for a title shot.

The end came at the 1:24 mark of the frame and came on the heels of a near-finish for Hall at the end of the third round. Hall wanted to get his jab working while Silva answered back with some leg kicks. Still, the opening round didn’t offer a lot of action.

The first half of the second frame was largely one-and-done striking for each fighter. Silva circled to the outside, and Hall let him without forcing much. He started to put a little more pressure on with 90 seconds left in the round. With 45 seconds left, Hall landed a solid spinning kick that caught Silva in the left arm.

The standing game continued in the third round with both fighters not willing to take any risks. Hall landed a spinning kick to the body, but it didn’t slow down Silva. At the end of the round, Silva started to double behind his jab. With a minute left, they tied up for the first time in the fight. Silva pressed Hall to the cage and stomped his foot.

With 30 seconds left, Hall broke away and landed a right hand. Soon after, he knocked Silva from his feet with a right hand and landed several big punches on the canvas while Silva held on to a leg in defense and was saved by the bell.

The fourth part kicked off slowly, but after a minute of action Hall managed to get Silva down again with a beautiful right hand. Uriah followed in with a barrage of bombs on the ground and after several seconds the bout was waved off.

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