USADA says they made ‘technical error’ with Brock Lesnar’s drug tests

Brock Lesnar is still in USADA’s drug testing pool, but there’s been some confusion over how many times the former UFC heayyweight champion has been tested by the anti-doping organisation.

Earlier this week, it was highlighted on social media that Lesnar’s total number of drug tests for 2018 had peculiarly dropped from six to five, according to the latest figures on USADA’s public database.

According to USADA representative Adam Woullard, the organisation made a technical error when updating Lesnar’s drug testing record in October. Lesnar was tested once — not twice — in October but USADA accidentally recorded an additional drug test. That additional drug test, which, according to Woullard never happened, was recently removed from USADA’s database.

USADA updates the Athlete Test History page of the UFC/USADA website on a weekly basis,” Woullard revealed in a statement to MMAFighting. “During an update on the week of October 15th, we experienced a technical issue that resulted in the information on the page being displayed incorrectly. The correct test history for the athlete is 1 test, not 2. The issue has been fixed and the testing numbers on the website are all accurate. We are still investigating the specific technical issue that led to the error.”

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