Vera Gorelikova: Fights give me adrenaline

The gold medalist of the SAMBO tournament at the II European Games in the weight category up to 60 kg among women – Vera Gorelikova, gave special interview for “”. She told which fight at the tournament was the hardest one, what gives her adrenaline, and who helped her to learn the secret technique for victory.

“I would not say that it was a beautiful fight. But we were preparing well, so I expected this victory,” noted Gorelikova.

According to Gorelikova, she had a great support group.

“Our children from my SAMBO club and their parents prepared posters with the words “Vera, we are with you” and family was here: my parents, brother and sister. I like to fight in such an atmosphere. It gives me adrenaline,” the Belarusian sambist shared.

Vera Gorelikova admitted that she had the hardest fight in the semifinal of the tournament.

“I fought with Russian Yana Kostenko for the first time. She is very decorated and strong. I am very happy that I managed to meet her in the semi-final. It was the hardest fight ever,” Gorelikova said.

She added that she managed to achieve victory through the use of secret techniques.

“In 2017, during the preparation for the European championships, Belarusian Dmitri Bazylev, six-time European champion, helped me to get this technique,” sambist shared.

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