Vergil Ortiz Jr. targets Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman after TKO win (VIDEO)

WBA Gold welterweight champion Vergil Ortiz Jr. is gunning for the household names in the division.

Yesterday the Mexican-American has once again showcased his talent, defeating Colombia’s Samuel Vargas via KO in the 7th round in the return of DAZN and Golden Boy Promotions boxing fight nights.

The fight took place behind closed doors in California, US. Ortiz earned his 16 consecutive pro win, as he was clearly the better and smarter fighter inside the ring.

Half of the punches Ortiz Jr. was throwing landed and the referee of the bout waved of the clash in the seventh round seeing how helpless Vargas was.

“I didn’t really notice fighting with no fans,” said Vergil Ortiz Jr. “I’m so focused on the fight. We usually spar without fans, so didn’t make a difference.
“I hit Vargas to the body a lot. I don’t know how he didn’t go down. He was hurt the entire time. I asked him, so I know he was hurt. “I also knew it was time to take him out in round seven. If it had gone to eight rounds, he would have been hurt worse.
“When I take rounds off like that, I try to get used to the timing and make them miss some shots.”  “I would like to fight Danny Garcia or Keith Thurman,” Ortiz Jr. continued.
“They’re good opponents I can beat. “I want to take risks. I’m not here to take easy fights. I’m in the hardest division in boxing, so when I win a title it will mean a lot more.
“Against a guy like that, (I give myself) a solid B+. He brought it out of me, the hardest opponent to date. My hands took a beating punching him the whole time, so when they’re healed I’ll be back.”

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