Victor Hugo retains F2W title

Another night of explosive BJJ and world-class grappling was held in Austin, Texas.

The Fight To Win 148 event was held yesterday and even though there was no fans in attendance, this event won’t be forgotten any time soon.

In the main event, Max Gimenis took on Victor Hugo for the super heavyweight black belt gi title.

The match started with Hugo keeping Gimenis in closed guard. After a couple of quick passing attempts from Gimenis, Hugo opened up his guard, first working some lasso-like positions before wrapping up a leg and coming up in 50/50. Gimenis managed to reverse the position and came up in Hugo’s reverse closed guard. Hugo came up and attempted a kneebar, but Gimenis was able to rotate and protect himself from the submission. Not giving up, though, Hugo came up and snatched Gimenis’ back, locking on a choke/face crank and quickly getting the tap.


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