Video replay overturns boxing result (VIDEO)

Something extremely rare happened this last weekend at the Lomachenko-Campbell night fight.

WBC flyweight world champion Charlie Edwards (15-1) and faced his mandatory challenger Julio Cesar Martinez (14-1) in one of the prelims before the big show in London. Edwards, strong bookmakers favorite, was caught off guard in the third round and got knocked down and eventually, KO’d. For several minutes the world had a new world champion, but it turned out it wasn’t meant to be.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman intervened the joy of of his fellow countryman, announcing that the result of the bout is being overturned to “No Contest” thanks to WBC instant replay rule which showed that the last punch Martinez landed was illegal due to the fact that Edwards was already on the ground with one of his knees.

There is no denying that the hit was late, but many asked the right questions – would that happen if Edwards was not on the receiving end or if the clash had taken place in Mexico. Sulaiman ordered a rematch between the pair, but there are rumors that Edwards will be vacating his belt in order to move up in a different weight division.

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