Vitaly Safronov banned for competing at RIGA OPEN 2019

Vitaly Safronov was banned from WAF for competing in an URPA event. This is first lifetime ban to athlete… for such behaviour.

”And this is a denigration and proof that PAL / URPA creates conflicts. The athlete is Ukrainian and they put the country Hungary just to instigate. He received a ban from the Hungarians because he did not represent them at all. In addition, he is an athlete from a Ukrainian organization in conflict with the WAF member. Igor knows more.”

”This is not an accurate statement. I have been living in Hungary permanently since 2012 – almost 7 years now. I now have a national Hungarian ID card and all rights of a citizen except for voting. My two kids were born in Hungary and they consider this country their Motherland. Furthermore I am 2016 Hungarian National Armwrestling Champion. At Senec Hand in 2017 I was vocally encouraged by WAF Vice President Attila Csabai – Head of Hungarian Federation and my respected Friend to pull under Hungarian Flag in the presence of Organizers of Senec Hand and Hungarian team members.

Every Thursday for many years I pull at Polus Center in Budapest with my teammates – the main base for training of national team. I may not be a born Hungarian but my children are by heart and by spirit. This is where I belong and live permanently. The ban was imposed as I was told: because Hungarian Competitor participated in non Sanctioned event – which by default means that my honor to represent the Flag was recognized in the first place. What puzzles me most is how you can spread false statements without checking? I have not participated in any armwrestling event in Ukraine since maybe 2003. Sorry for the expressive message – it is getting too wrong here.”, replied Vitaly Safronov.


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