Vladimir Putin still got it (VIDEO)

The president of Russia – Vladimir Putin, paid a visit to one of Russia’s national judo team training sessions earlier this week and even put his judo suit on.

The training took place at one of the sports centers in Sochi.

Putin,66, has a black belt in judo and it’s not a secret that he still likes to workout. He even wrote a book on the subject – ‘Let’s learn judo with Vladimir Putin’.

Judo is one of the most popular sports in Russia and Putin himself has often stated that he plans to combine the national team’s training sessions alongside the school teams in the country.

‘When the adrenaline levels rise up, the mood rises up too. You are starting to look at the world from another level. You’re putting down the pink glasses and everything is getting clearer. The better sportsman you are, the better coach you are becoming. You are sensing and you are starting to know what is going on around you and what your partner needs, so you could help him and prevent injuries’, Putin said after the training session was over.

There were a lot of world and Olympic champions that took part in the session. One of them was Beslan Mudranov, who praised the skills of his president:

‘President Putin is pretty good for his age. I don’t think there is a president out there who could go toe-to-toe with him’.

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