WBC boss wants to see headgear and big gloves for Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr

A true veterans classh will happen on September 12. Even though WBC have no involvement in the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. clash, their president says he’d like to see some safety stipulations in place for the combatants for their 8-round exhibition bout.

“The exhibition is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, in Los Angeles, California, an eight-round contest, without headgear. And wearing 12-ounce gloves. This is a point that worries me. Both Tyson and Jones should wear headgear that boxers use in sparring. They should also wear 16, or even 18-ounce gloves.”

While nobody really wants to see either Tyson or Jones get seriously hurt,probably nobody really wants to see them in sparring equipment either. Be that as it may, Sulaiman says he expects the California State Athletic Commission to take all necessary precaution to protect the fighters.

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