Workout of the day: Summertime madness

Time really does fly and all of a sudden it’s early June and the summer is here.

By far the most loved season of them all is also the time for working out harder than ever. The day is longer, the weather is better and you have limitless opportunities to sweat.

We’re guessing the gym nearby you is open and even though restrictions are falling off every single day, you should be aware and if you prefer the park and the fresh air, then let’s go.


Stretching 5-10 minutes

Jog for 5-10 minutes

10X2 push-ups

10X3 Sit-ups

20X3 squats

10X3 (each leg) lunges

Run 5-10 minutes at medium speed

Kettlebell swings 3X30 seconds

10X2 box jumps

Jog 5-10 minutes

Stretching 5-10 minutes

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