Batu Khasikov: Amazing documentary film for the champion

Batu Sergeyevich Khasikov is a professional Russian kickboxer, multiple world champion.

Khasikov is also social and political activist, member of the People’s Khural of Kalmykia (2008-2012) and representative for the Republic of Kalmykia in the Federation Council (2012-2014).

On 20 March 2019, Khasikov was appointed to become the 3rd Head of the Republic of Kalmykia.

Don’t miss this amazing documentary film:


  • 2014 WKN Super Welterweight Oriental Rules World Champion -72.6 kg
  • 2012 W.A.K.O. Pro World Champion -75 kg (Low kick rules)
  • 2011 W5 World Champion, 71 kg, Moscow (Russia), Fight Nights: Battle of Moscow 5;
  • 2010 WKA World Champion, -72.5 kg, Moscow (Russia), Battle of Champions 5;
  • 2010 W.A.K.O. Pro World Champion (Low kick rules), 71.8 kg, Moscow (Russia), Fight Nights: Battle of Moscow;
  • 2010 W.A.K.O. Amateur European Champion (Low kick rules), -71 kg, Baku (Azerbaijan);
  • 2007 ISKA World Champion, freestyle, light-middleweight 72.5 kg (man), Moscow (Russia);

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