Video emerged of the Rodriguez-Stephens hotel brawl

Less than 24 hours after UFC veteran Jeremy Stephens predicted video would surface of his confrontation with Yair Rodriguez it actually did.

The clip is been captured at the fighter hotel following UFC Mexico and was posted on Tuesday by Spanish-language website Indiscutido. It appears to back up claims from both fighters after the indicident was made public. Shot from behind Rodriguez in what appears to be daytime, the video shows the Mexican fighter approaching Stephens in the lobby after asking if he’s OK. Much of the exchange is inaudible. But Stephens, who’s wearing sunglasses, can be heard saying, “Run it back.” Rodriguez replies, “Sure? But what happened?” and then Stephens shoves Rodriguez hard. Onlookers quickly intervene to separate the fighters, who’d hours earlier faced off in the octagon, only to be disappointed by a no-contest. Things turned quickly ugly very quick, with both Rodriguez and Stephens calling each other names, using homophobic slur.

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