Broner vs Santiago weigh-in results: Both men make weight, full card set

Following yesterday’s somewhat low-key announcement that Adrien Broner and Jovanie Santiago had “mutually agreed” to push their fight from 140 to 147 pounds on Saturday night, today’s weigh-in figured to be OK, and it was.

Broner (33-4-1, 24 KO) and Santiago (14-0-1, 10 KO) both came in under the new limit, with Broner at 146 and Santiago at 145¼. The fight is still set for 12 rounds. Arthur Mercante will be the referee, with Tom Carusone, Glenn Feldman, and Peter Hary as judges, all from Connecticut.

It’s Breazeale’s heaviest weight by a bit since 2017, but not terribly out of line with his normal weights, either. He also hasn’t fought in almost two years. Wallin is right about where he’s been for his last two fights. Johnny Callas will be the referee for the big lads, with New York judges Tony Paolillo, Waleska Roldan, and Tom Schreck scoring the fight.

In the 12-round junior welterweight opener, former lightweight titlist Robert Easter Jr (22-1-1, 14 KO) and Ryan Martin (24-1, 14 KO) are also both set, both slightly under the 140-pound limit. Easter came in at 139¾, with Martin at 139½. Harvey Dock will be the third man in the ring, and the judges will be Tom Carusone and Frank Lombardi of Connecticut, and John McKaie of New York.

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