Conor McGregor’s charges reduced on alleged phone smashing incident

Last month former UFC two-division champ Conor McGregor got arrested for allegedly smashing a fan’s phone in Miami. According to a report from USA Today, prosecutors have since reduced the charges, lowering the degree of one felony charge, and converting the other to a misdemeanor. That means his potential maximum prison sentence is also reduced – from 20 years to six.

Ed Griffith, spokesperson for the Miami-Dade state attorney, told USA Today Sports the following about the situation:

“As a matter of normal procedure, police officers arrest and charge based on probable cause, the lowest evidentiary standard. Prosecutors must believe that they can prove the potential charges beyond a reasonable doubt, a much higher standard of required evidence.”

McGregor also faced a second-degree felony of strong-armed robbery. That charge was lowered to robbery by sudden snatching, which is a third-degree felony. April 10 marks the next hearing. Former assistant U.S. Attorney David S. Weinstein opened up to USA Today Sports about the potential issues the arrest may carry for McGregor:

“Like his other arrest, his biggest problem is the affect that a conviction will have on his immigration status. A conviction for this offense qualifies as an aggravated felony. It remains a privilege to enter the U.S. and not a right. So if there is a conviction, that will allow U.S. immigration authorities to prevent him from entering the U.S. on a visitor or work visa.”

Today is also the date that McGregor’s six-month NSAC ban expires.

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