Disabled athlete debut at sambo tournament

Disabled athlete Milan Cortmus made his debut bout in adaptive Combat sambo against the national team coach Jelly Buisman. It took place in the Dutch Dalfsen, as part of the country’s Combat Sambo Championships.

Before everything we are humans, great competitive spirit was shown by this young champion!

“Sambo is becoming an increasingly popular sport in the Netherlands, and our sambists are making themselves known in the international arena. And inside the country, we managed to organize Combat sambo competitions among men, women, veterans, and now also adaptive sambo,” Jela Buisman, the trainer and sparring partner of the athlete said.


Milan Kortmus trains under the guidance of the participant of the II European Games in sambo Sasha Gorissen, and for the fight in the national championship he was prepared by the prize-winner of the International Sambo Tournament in Tatarstan 2019 Mike Gym.

The bout was made possible thanks to the help of volunteers from the Dutch Sambo Federation and, in particular, referees Jarik Hallink and Henk Jan Ningbergs.

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