ICHIGEKI 2007: Iliya Iliev – Nicoale Stoian (VIDEO)

We’re continuing with the throwback to 2007 when the first ever international gala evening ICHIGEKI – Professional Karate Kyokushin League, took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The next fight in the -80 kg category was between Iliya Iliev from Bulgaria and Nicoale Stoian from Romania.

Iliev was 20-years-old back then and he was already a multiple national and Euroepan award winning Kyokushin fighter. In 2008, he co-found SC “Oyama” in his hometown Novi Pazar.

Stoyan was 28-years-old in 2007 and he had claimed silver and bronze medal from the European Kyokushin championships in 2005 and 2006.


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