IFK European Championships to be held in Turkey

The 7th IFK European Championships are set to take place in Istanbul, Turkey this upcoming March.

The event will be held on March 26-30th, as the championship is open for all kyokushin organizations, but have restricted entries.

Competitors must represent their national federation and they must hold at least a 6th Kyu (Yellow belt) for the adults and U21 categories. 8th Kyu (blue belt) is required for all the U18 categories.

The host nation of Turkey will get 4 entry spots in the adult category, while the other countries will have up to two fighters. There are a total of 40 different divisions divided into 5 separate age categories.

Entries deadline
IFK – 1st February 2020
Non IFK – 14th February 2020
Non IFK Entries are registered on the application date and once the category is full we will not accept any more applications from that country.

More info at www.kwunion.com

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