Joe Joyce stops Alexander Ustinov (VIDEO)

WBA gold heavyweight champion Joe Joyce (9-0) KO’d Russia’s Alexander Ustinov (34-4) in the third round of a scheduled 10 round fight in the co-main event of Billy Joe Saunders – Shefat Isufi.

Right from the get-go, the 33-years-old Brit dominated the bout. Both guys were slow, but their punches possessed a lot of power. Joyce head movement and foot-work made him almost untouchable for the 42-years-old vet who couldn’t separate himself from the younger and more punches throwing Joyce.

The Brit lacked speed, but he threw a lot of punches to the body and the head of Ustinov. The bout came to an end in the third round when “Juggernaut” managed to land a hard left hook to the head of Ustinov who collapsed on his knees and couldn’t get up after a 10 count.

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