Jorge Masvidal: Ben Askren is not my cup of tea

Jorge Masvidal will meet Ben Askren in expected welterweight clash at UFC 239 this weekend.

Both fighters show a lot of energy and passion in the Octagon. Masvidal (33-13) laid out his issues with his welterweight rival in his typical no-nonsense fashion.

“There are numerous things,” Masvidal said. “He’s just a pompous expletive, I can’t stand him. There’s no hate, because I don’t hate nobody, but I just don’t care for the dude, in this life or the next. He’s not my cup of tea, man.”

Askren (19-0 MMA) has used his top-level wrestling skills to capture welterweight titles in both Bellator and ONE Championship during his career.

“Beat his ass up, wherever the fight goes,” Masvidal said. “Because if I’m on my back I can still punch, I can still scramble to get back up to my feet. So the fight going on the floor, it’s not over. When I went to the floor with (Demian) Maia it wasn’t over. Maia’s a much better submission individual than this guy will ever be, so (the plan is to) just beat his ass up through and through.”

“I’m on that surfboard, and that wave is taking me right to the title shot, there’s no other way around it,” Masvidal said. “I thought I should have been fighting for a title after Till. Till’s never been stopped in his career. Who did that in his home town? Me. When nobody wanted to fight the guy, I went and did it. Why didn’t I get the title fight then? Because I didn’t have that huge buzz. But now there’s no denying it.”

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