Petar Stoykov won SENSHI Cup with stunning victory

Bulgaria’s Petar Stoykov won SENSHI Cup after beating Suliman Kosumov in the final clash of 70 kg category.

The two met in a full contact Karate Kyokushin bout at the third edition of the newest fight organization in Bulgaria – SENSHI.

The 23-year-old Stoykov claimed the victory via UD (3:0) after full three rounds of nonstop action.

The fight took place at the Amphitheatre in Kamchia and was conducted under the rules of the new KWU International Professional League.


The new rules included hits to the head, elbows, and throws.

Shihan David Pickthall honored Bulgarian Stoykov with the spectacular SENSHI trophy.

Suliman Kosumov also should be honored for the brave fighting during the tournament and showing the audience great karate skills.

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