Marcos Maidana comes out of retirement

Marcos Maidana has completed a 360 on this whole “comeback” thing. After initially announcing his return to the sport in February, then calling it off two months later having “lost hunger,” “El Chino” is reportedly set to face 47-year-old former kickboxer Jorge Acero this upcoming April “4 or 11.” The fight will be five rounds, take place at a catchweight “around” 85 kg, or 187 lbs., and be announced this upcoming Friday.

So, just to recap, Maidana (35-5, 31 KO) is coming back

After more than five years out of the game.
At a weight 40+ pounds above his ideal, and 25 pounds above his original intended comeback division of middleweight.
Against a guy who’s pushing 50 and has never competed in professional boxing.
Expect greatness.

In Acero’s defense, he was a very legit kickboxer once upon a time, but this is just sad on multiple levels. While the 36-year-old Maidana could potentially do alright for himself if he truly committed, all signs point to this being, well, a shitshow.


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