Mike Perry wants to train with Romero

UFC welterweight Mike Perry proved many doubters wrong with his last win over Mickey Gall at “UFC on ESPN 12”.

Perry got the W via UD and the most impressive thing was the fact his girlfriend was the only person in his corner.

ESPN’s Brett Okamoto asked Perry during a post-fight interview if he would consider training with the Diaz brothers in California because they share a “similar philosophy.” Perry says he is open to working with others, but for a different motive.

“I kind of want to work with Yoel Romero,” he said. “I want to get some beef inside of myself to feel that 185-pound weight class. I want to learn how to fight one of the best guys there so that I could fight a middleweight Englishman. You know what I’m saying, you know who I’m talking about.

Image: bgnes

“I want to fight that guy, he doesn’t deserve to have his name come out of my mouth. He’s a despicable person.”

The American is talking, of course, about Britain’s Darren Till.  The trash-talking between the two has been upped in recent months with Till building a whole website called www.mikeperryisabum.com

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