Mukhtarova: This year has turned golden for me

Russian Gulfiia Mukhtarova won gold medal at The International SAMBO tournament for the prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She competed in the up to 60 kg weight category.

Mukhtarova is happy about her achievements in 2019:

“This is my final international tournament in 2019. The year went fairly well for me. Thus, at the international tournament in Vladivostok I’ve also won first place, so in terms of international tournaments this year has turned golden for me. I hope that in 2020 I’ll manage to qualify for the World SAMBO Championships and try my strength at the main starts.”

“In the finals, my opponent was the Russian sambist Victoria Oster, we are friends, we communicate a lot, despite the fact that we live in different cities. We decided not to throw a coin before the finals but to compete in full force in order to determine the winner according to the sporting principle. We have known each other for a long time, both are experienced fighters on the ground, but each of us always has something to learn from the other.”

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