Regis Prograis guarantees he’d beat down Adrien Broner

Former junior welterweight titleholder Regis Prograis made an appearance on Instagram Live to answer questions from fans and respond to Adrien Broner’s latest provocations. To put it simply, Prograis says he’s a little disillusioned with boxing beefs as a whole as they haven’t led to actual fights for him. Check out some excerpts below…

“I know AB is a bigger draw than me, duh” Prograis said, responding to a comment on his stream. “I won’t even deny that. What’s your point? I’ll fuck him up, I’ll beat him up, but he’s definitely a bigger draw than me. So what’s your point? But I guarantee I’ll beat the fuck outta him.

“A n***a tryin’ fight anybody at this point, n***as be cappin’. I be sick of talkin’ and beefin’ with all these n***as — the shit don’t happen. First me and Adrien Granados, we was on some beef shit, then there was [Jose] Ramirez and it was AB and Hooker, and now it’s AB (again), these fights never happen, bro. All that shit be cap, I don’t even like going back and forth…I know the boxing reporters, that’s their job to be messy and shit — not be messy but like, you know, set up the fights and shit…it’s all talk and speculation…That shit be fake. But I’ll fuck up AB, though.

Real shit, I think that’s why none of these dudes wanna fuck with me. Because they know I’m fuckin’ training. Like all year round I’m training…but that’s really the whole reason I moved back to Houston, because I lived in training camp when I was in Houston. When I lived in LA, shit, I lived in vacation in LA.

“I don’t got no fights scheduled, I don’t got no dates, I don’t got nothing and still I sparred eight rounds yesterday. And most people ain’t doing that type of shit.

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