Sambo White card campaign

Annual White Card campaign is planned as part of the April 6, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

During the difficult moment, fighting against COVID-19, International Sambo Federation (FIAS) is still able to contribute into this campaign and to promote peace through sport, even staying at home which is strictly recommended to all of us.

“You can suggest any project or idea dedicated to the proposed theme and share it with the sports community worldwide, using special hashtags #WhiteCard #ChampionsforPeace #IDSDP2020 in social media and website”, informs FIAS.

“You can also mix it with the flashmob launched by FIAS a few days ago – #trainhomesambo and #samboagainstcovid and with the general World Health Organization recommendations. So, for example, did sambists from Venezuela – Lucas Borregales and Luisaigna Campos with their daughter.”

The main idea to be shown through your photo or video is that even with the current limits and restrictions, we are more than ever responsible to build awareness of solidarity and peace.



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