Stoyan Koprivlenski: We lost the battle, but the war goes on

The bulgarian kickboxer Stoyan “The Sniper” Koprivlenski is keeping his head high, although he lost his fight with Tyjani “The Wonderboy” Beztati.

The two fighters met in a rematch at “Glory 62” last saturday in Rotterdam, but this time the bulgarian was on the loosing side.

Just a few days after the fight, Koprivlenski posted a photo with his close friends from Bulgaria, who were supporting him on saturday.

“We lost the battle, but not the party! The war goes on…”, wrote “The Sniper”.

Загубихме битката,но не и купона 😜🔝Войната продължава ☝️

Публикувахте от Stoyan Koprivlenski в Понеделник, 10 декември 2018 г.

After his lost to Beztati, the bulgarian fighter took the time to say thank you to all his fans:

“Tonight I lost via UD. No excuses. It wasn’t my night. Sometmes you win, sometimes you learn. Thank you all for the support. I’ll proudly continiue to waive the bulgarian flag all over the world!”

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