Top 5: When MMA vets took the rookies to school (VIDEO)

People say sports are for the young. They jump higher, they run faster, they have the better stamina. You’d think they hit harder too, but that isn’t always the case.

There have been numerous times in the history of combat sports where the old school is teaching the young blood the dos and don’ts inside the ring or the cage.

It goes without saying that fighting is for the smart ones and for those who know what to do under pressure. Just like everything else, combat sports are evolving. Fighters are studying those who came before them and upgrade the skills they brought to the table.

It’s always to have the speed and the stamina on your side, but you have to know the details of the game in order to beat the so-called “Edler Gods”.

Here’s a brilliant compilation of clashes between old school and new school and things didn’t go well for the younglings.

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